The Gadberry’s have been residents of Alexander’s Farm for less than a year.  We have loved every minute.  I was worried about leaving our home of 10 years, but after purchasing our home in Alexander’s Farm we haven’t looked back.  Not only do we love our home, the size of the lot, and the convenience to town; we love our neighbors and the neighborhood.  The size of the lot lends its self for playtime with the children, fantastic landscaping, and privacy between homes.  As a family of runners we love the flat, smooth running path that it provides. You can accumulate several miles just in the neighborhood with its awesome design. The subdivision has an inviting appearance that welcomes guests and residents alike.  Unlike our previous neighborhood, each home is unique in color and design and gives the look of prestige and character.  Alexander’s Farm is private, calm, and quiet yet is just minutes from shopping and convenience. Finally Alexander’s Farm has given us everything we desired and more, and we welcome you to come see what all the talk is about!

— Sarah Gadberry

We have enjoyed the best of “both worlds” living in Alexander’s Farm. The ‘little bit country’ and the convenience of the city. The nice wide cement streets, that are the same today as they were when we first moved in. The lots are generous & neighbors are not right on top of each other. Some are closer than others, but still not like most subdivisions. Having city water & sewage is another plus, along with city trash removal.

It is a quiet neighborhood, and many people take advantage of our streets by walking, or riding their bikes, when weather permits. Can’t always do such a thing in the city. Beautiful wooded settings, with tons of birds & wildlife every where.

Although our children & most of our grandchildren, are growing up, but we easily see what a great area this is for raising a young family. Since most of us that live here, do have children & grandchildren, we know to watch out, as we drive out or back home, as the little ones also feel safe to play & ride their bikes. Just an all round good place to live.

Alexander’s Farm has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a safe, clean & great place to build or buy their new home. One of Terre Haute’s best school districts too. We love it here!

— Bob & Donna Dodson

1.) My kids can play outside and I don’t have to worry about them or who they’re playing with.

2.) We have a feeling of being “out in the country” but we’re close to anything that we need.

3.) We are in a great school district.

4.) …. Most people don’t realize that we have city utilities…. J

5.) We really have great neighbors… You can’t say that everywhere.

6.) I like that my neighbors know the names of my dogs… seems crazy…. But I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve come outside and someone is petting our dogs in our driveway.

7.) It’s quiet… we may have a rowdy night every now and again… but it’s very peaceful.

8.) Homes are well maintained.

9.) We feel safe… every neighborhood has their issues from time to time… but all in all, I feel very safe.

— Katrina Pender

I love it here. There are several extended families here, i.e. people bring their loved ones here (Dodsons, us)……There is a lot of walking around the neighborhood, socializing, gardening. There is no traffic, and never will be much because there are no thru roads. The city sewer is a BIG plus! On a summer or spring evening, lots of people are out walking, biking, gardening, cooking, etc.

— Jacki

1. I like the fresh air up here and the summer breeze, being above the rest of the city.
2. I like the lack of through traffic–safer, quieter.
3. I like the larger lots, privacy, and a chance to be further from the street and the neighbors.
4. I like the relatively fewer problems with mosquitoes (most years) by our being higher and out of the thick trees.
5. I enjoy the ability of the residents to walk in the streets, for the children to ride their bicycles and even tricycles safely in the streets.
5. I don’t happen to live on a cul-de-sac myself, but I observe that they provide wonderful, safe play areas for the neighborhood children and for off-the-street parking.
6. There is a feeling of safety up here that one does not always find on city streets.

— Naomi Durrance

I love looking out my window every morning and seeing the wildlife. I have seen everything from deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, and box turtles wondering through the yard. It is one of my favorite parts about the subdivision. We are close enough to everything while still being far enough out to enjoy the beauty of nature.

— Beth Trueblood

For six years we have enjoyed the peaceful living in Alexander’s Farm Subdivision. We feel safe leaving on trips knowing our neighbors will keep an eye on things while we are gone. The homes are great, yards are mowed, snow is removed, but above all, we have a wonderful community of neighbors.

— Emily Oilar